danish actress

Michelle Berçon is a Copenhagen and London based Danish actress, working in TV and film, featuring in  the  comic TV series 'SUNDAY' (2019)  directed by Jesper Rofelt, she also plays 'Karen' in the Danish TV series 'Stationen' (2016).


skills & talents

As a fluent English speaker Michelle is able to work with SPECIFIC ACCENTS, as illusrated in her popular YouTube video, portraying the American character 'Amazing Macy', who believes the Danish language has healing powers.

A big interest in health and personal developement, has lead her to WRITE and make FUN ENCOURAGING VIDEOS on sociale media for couch potatoes. 

Sinceshe was a teen she has had a passion for MUSIC and has been a LEAD SINGER in several bands


Danish TV series - 2016

Michelle plays police officer Karen in 10 episodes of the danish TV series Stationen (the Station) produced by Mastiff.

See video with Karen here