Michelle is a Danish actress and acting coach based in Copenhagen and London.  On screen work includes parts in TV-series and film such as Tarok, Stationen and News from Jutland. In the popular Danish comedic TV-series SUNDAY she plays the character Karin for 2 seasons. 

She is an educated teacher from The free Teachers College in Denmark and she has taught acting in schools and also facilitates her own workshops in the Michael Chekhov acting technique. 


skills & talents

As a fluent English speaker Michelle is able to work with SPECIFIC ACCENTS, as illusrated in her popular YouTube video, portraying the American character 'Amazing Macy', who believes the Danish language has healing powers.

With a passion for MUSIC Michelle has previously  been the LEAD SINGER in several bands. 

She is an educated teacher, who also works as an ACTING COACH with a focus on career, physical acting and the Michael Chekhov acting technique. 


Danish TV series - 2016

Michelle plays police officer Karen in 10 episodes of the danish TV series Stationen (the Station) produced by Mastiff.

See video with Karen here